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Bali Dirt Bike Adventures was founded by a village boy in year 90th and published as new adventure tours in 2014 and opened to public. Tour guide and owner, Made Didas know every trails in the area of ​​Bali island and has been guided riders of all skill levels, beginner to expert rider. He has shared his knowledge and trained guides at Bali Dirt Bike Adventures and rental team.

Dirt Biking Adventures is safe for all ages, children over 12 years old with height from 150 above, women and men up to age 60 have or don't have a valid driving licence from your own country no problem for us and you still can joining our tour cause we completely ride on DIRT trails. Tours will be matched with the ability of the customers. Our tour guides is there to help you along the way to teach new techniques or challenge skills you have. Riding support groups are comfortable with each participant to wait and fix any small problems with motorbike that arise in the course such as tires, spark plugs from drowning in a river etc. Each different difficulty you will encounter during these adventures with slippery road conditions, technical track, speeding track and dusty trails.

Safety Instructions:


  • All riders must obey the rules of Bali Dirt Bike Adventures, sign the form, indemnity and of valid/no licence for motorcycles.
  • Bali Dirt Bike Adventures operates in the areas: beaches, dense forests, isolated limestone streets around the island of Bali. With reason: weather, natural conditions and other considerations, we reserve the right to change the carrier route and schedule of programs for safety of our adventures together and cancel the Tour.
  • Operator is not responsible for any loss, damage to personal belongings or personal injury due to accidents in these adventures, because there is no insurance in Indonesia can cover it. And highly recommended to the riders to have personal insurance from your own country.
  • All damage for the bikes and riding gear that may happen during the tour been INSURED.

Cancellation policy

  • No deposit required to confirm booking. The final payment is required at the time of departure at the base camp / office Bali Dirt Bike Adventures.
    20% online deposit payment by Paypal or CC is non refundable. Deposit maybe needed for group booking or multiple enduro tours.
  • Cancel on the day of the activity/service will be treated a no-show 50% applied as cancellation fee.
  • For multiple enduro tours, 50% from remaining tour cost left applied as cancellation fee and cost for everything that we been prepare if guest can't continuing their ride.

Change Policy

  • Change date up to 24 hours before the initial activity/service date.

Weather Policy

  • Change activity date in case of bad weather at riding spot.

Our guides are trained in first aid and carry cell phones and satellite phones. In addition to the support vehicle, we are equipped with chest, knee and elbow protector is always recommended by our owner of Bali Dirt Bike Adventures and Rental. You will be notified about the daily conditions and comes with full safety riding gear.

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