Bali Motorbike Common Questions

Most common Asked Questions for Renting Motorbike in Bali Island

Q : What is the rental rates include?
A : The rental rates including insurance, 1 Cross helmet each bike and delivery fee within Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Kerobokan and Canggu area. Outside of that areas extra delivery fee will applied at least US$ 5 one way.

Q : What is the insurance cover?
A : The Insurance cover our Dirt Motorbike only, will NOT cover: Left any part, loss the bike, renter, other vehicle, pedestrian and any things that hit by renter will be full renter responsibility.

Q : How if the Motorbike accident or stolen?
A : The renter have to responsibility with the bike up to maximum USD. 100. Loss the bike is full renter responsibility. “See our rental policy

Q : How if having problem with flat tire?
A : The renter have to repair it. Things to remember before riding the bike have to check the tires, brakes and lighting. Don't accept the bike if you see the tire in bad condition. If you have problem with flat tire don't ride it to avoid more damage on the tire, push slowly and ask people where is the nearest motorbike mechanic to fix it.

Q : Where I can fix a flat tire?
A : There are many place in Bali offer Motorcycle Service, usually put the sign “Bengkel” and often with sign “Press Ban” or "Tambal Ban". Repairing inner tire usually around Rp. 15,000 but if the tires are ripped it should be replaced and the cost around IDR 100,000.     

Q : If I don’t have international driving license?
A : The most common trouble you can get into is being stopped by the police. Things operate differently here, and when the police stop you, the best thing you can do is be polite and stay calm. Arguing will most likely get you nowhere. A fine normally around 50.000 - 100.000 rupiah (around USD 10 – USD 15) is the typical amount that will get you out of most common problems. Bargaining the price down is expected. Learn more about riding a bike in Bali.

Q : I have traveling plan to Lombok, Java or other islands in Indonesia, may I go with your company motorbike?

A 1 : To ride our bike in Lombok is allowed, we require a guaranty if something bad with our motorbikes. Such as: Lost at Lombok strait cause you will use a FERRY to cross, Stolen and Accident witch happen in Lombok.
A 2 : Our bike only to be ride in Bali Island, If you are planning to travel around Indonesia, consider to hiring a bike in each Island.

Q : What you required if I want bring your bike to Lombok
A : 1. You have to sign agreement that you fully responsible with our bike.
     2. You have to put a deposit minimum US$ 2000 via card debit or cash at our office, if everything run well we’ll return your many full.
     3. You need a person who’s still stay in Bali as second responsible.
Note: Our motorbike selling price minimum US$ 3000!

Q : Is it possible to put surfboard rack on the bike 
A : Yes we can serve our customers surfboard rack without any surcharge.

Q : Can two peoples ride on the bike
A : Yes, but recommended to hire KLX 150L. Because has longer body and tougher suspension comparing KLX 150S

Q : How do I make pre-deposit payment
A : We use Paypal and Bank Wire Transfer, after booking confirmed our accounting will contacting you for deposit payment instructions.

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