Kintamani Dirt Bike Forest Trails

Kintamani Dirt Bike Tour Enduro Adventure at Dense Forest Trail

Kintamani Dirt Bike Enduro Tour Adventure. Cater Half day and Full day rides. Kintamani is a region renowned for its stunning landscapes and cooler climate compared to the coastal areas. The highlight of Kintamani forest dirt bike tours is the breathtaking view of Mount Batur, an active volcano, and its serene caldera, which encompasses the magnificent Lake Batur. The allure of this mesmerizing dirt bike ride has made Kintamani one of the most famous Bali Enduro Dirt Bike Trails.

Kintamani Forest Dirt Bike trails are overgrown by Pine trees. Since many huge trees here the dirt bike ride will be more technical to pass the trees' roots. There are huge sizes of trees from 100 years and more. For those who enjoy enduro dirt bike adventure, this location on the Abang Hill slopes offers a totally unusual enduro dirt bike riding experience. Located in the middle of a humid forest with mixed sand and loose soil, the thrill is unaffected by the dry season and rainy season in Bali. We will pass through residential areas, temples, and some locations that the local community considers sacred, including fountains, places of prayer, and orange orchards farm so that we can enjoy the freshness of the original Kintamani oranges. This pathway also passes through some unique locations, including views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur, which will be visible from several angles of the track that we will pass.

Kintamani is also very famous for their buffet restaurant on top of the Hill view and floating on the lake. Known for their unique culinary immolations. The cool climate is ideal for growing fruits and vegetables, making Kintamani a mecca for organic yield. Original caffs and warungs( small beaneries) serve traditional Balinese dishes, similar as Babi Guling( suckling gormandizer) and Bebek Betutu( laggardly- cooked duck), offering a pleasurable culinary experience for food suckers.

Kintamani Dirt Bike Half Day Ride (2,5 hours) Rate:

  • IDR 1,600,000/person. Ride with Kawasaki KLX 150cc or Honda CRF 150L
  • IDR 2,000,000/person. Ride with Kawasaki KLX 250cc or KLX 230 R or KLX 230 SE
  • IDR 2,750,000/person. Ride with KTM 350cc EXCF 4 strokes/KTM 300 EXC 2 strokes/KTM 250 EXCF/EXC
  • IDR 800,000/person for tandem rider
  • Minimum 2 riders. Solo rider extra IDR 500,000

Kintamani Dirt Bike Full Day Ride (5 hours) Rate:

  • IDR 1,750,000/person. Ride with Kawasaki KLX 150cc or Honda CRF 150L
  • IDR 2,250,000/person. Ride with Kawasaki KLX 250cc or KLX 230 R or KLX 230 SE
  • IDR 3,600,000/person. Ride with KTM 350cc EXCF 4 strokes/KTM 300 EXC 2 strokes/KTM 250 EXCF/EXC
  • Minimum 2 riders. Solo rider extra IDR 500,000

What you will see on Kintamani Dirt Bike Tours:

  • Traditional villages
  • Mount Abang
  • Kintamani Forest
  • Phinus forest
  • Lake Batur side trails
  • Songan and other villages' back road trails
  • Suter Villages' technical enduro track
  • Steep Uphill and downhill
  • Death Valley
  • Jungle trails
  • Sandy trails and Loose soil
  • Pure enduro single trails
  • Dirt bike trails from easy, medium to hard levels of challenging tracks. Adapted with your riding experience.

Kintamani Forest Dirt Bike Tours inclusions:

  • Return air conditioning transport for hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Professional English speaking Rider guides
  • Experienced helper
  • International safety standard Riding Gears from head to toe. Top Quality.
  • Dirt Bike Rental cost, unlimited fuel
  • Cold drinks, coffee/tea refreshments fruits
  • Lunch.
  • Entrance Fee to Kintamani area
  • Riding photos, and videos of the day
  • Dirt Bikes damage insurance and riding gear.

What to bring:

  • Cash payment or CC. Visa and Mastercard accepted with 2% extra as bank fee
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Socks
  • Extra cash IDR 75.000/person as a village donation.

What to wear:

  • T-shirt
  • Short
  • Shoes or slipper

Kintamani Dirt Bike Forest Trails

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