Tabanan Enduro Half Day

Tabanan Enduro Hal Day to Forest or Beach trail

Tabanan Enduro Half Day Tours at our Green base camp track at Kanciana Village, Megati – Tabanan just at the slope of Mount Batukaru. 1,5 hours drive from mainly Kuta area. Tour duration 7 hours from pick up till dropped back to guest hotel. 3 hours ride at traditional villages, scenic rice paddy fields, jungles, creeks, mud, waterfall and Black Sandy Beach with trails difficulty from fun to medium level.

Bali Dirt Bike Adventures also offer Sunset Beach Ride at Tabanan Beach.

Sunset Dirt Bike Ride to exploring the nature of Tabanan beach using a dirt bike. Raise your adrenaline by speeding your bike without any limits. Wide track but it'll be more intriguing if we pass the sand and the cascade is where it is.

Bali Dirt Bike Adventures Sunset Dirt Bike Trails located in the central of the bali islet. It has warmer rainfall due to the lane on the sand, a veritably wide track will be veritably seductive for those of you who want to ride a dirt bike briskly. It's also veritably safe for newcomers because of the many obstacles on the path, and You'll pass the arrangement to get to the beach Waterfall.

The heart of the Tabanan Enduro Tours experience lies in the enduro bikes themselves. These two-wheeled machines are built for adventure, designed to tackle the diverse terrains that Bali has to offer. Equipped with powerful engines and dirt tires, the Enduro bikes are ready to conquer everything from muddy trails to rocky paths, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping ride.

Riders have the freedom to choose between single-seater and double-seater enduro bikes, making the tours suitable for solo adventurers, couples, and families alike. The intuitive controls and ergonomic design of the enduro bikes ensure that riders of all skill levels can comfortably maneuver through the varied landscapes of Tabanan.

Navigate the enduro bike through dense Tabanan forests and alongside rivers, you'll encounter hidden waterfalls, serene streams, and captivating flora and fauna. Tours also include stops at historical temples, providing a glimpse into Bali's spiritual traditions. These cultural encounters add a layer of depth to the adventure, allowing riders to not only explore the physical landscapes and raise physically endurance, but also connect with the soul of BalI's rider.

Come with your family and do a tandem ride with our experienced Bali Enduro Rider guide for your child, girl friend or wife if they not able to ride safely by their own yet. Spend your Tabanan Enduro half day dirt bike tours for photos opportunity at gorgeous places, magnificent views of enduro trails and at challenging riding spot.

We'll make sure you have visual enduro riding in Bali and proudly showing your family or friends. Recommended to bring your action camera like gopro or DJI drone or if you want us to prepare it, that's possible as well. We have gopro hero 9, 10 and 11 black to hire for IDR 200,000 and MMC Card 32 GB for IDR 250,000.

Tabanan Enduro Half Day Tours details:


  • IDR 1,250,000/rider, ride with Kawasaki KLX 150cc or Honda CRF 150L
  • IDR 1,550,000/rider, ride with Kawasaki KLX 250cc or KLX 230R
  • IDR 2,500,000/rider ride with KTM 250cc, KTM 300cc, 350cc
  • IDR 800,000/person tandem with our experienced rider guide only
  • Solo rider extra IDR 500,000 because our tour type is private. Not mix with other group to cover transportation cost and other expenses.

Pickup time:

  • Morning ride: 07:30 to 08:00 depending on guest hotel stay.
  • Afternoon ride: 10:30 to 11:30 depending on guest hotel stay.

Sunset Dirt Bike Ride pick up time

  • 12:30 to 13:30 depending on guest hotel stay.

What you will see on Tabanan Dirt Bike Half Day  trails:

  • Traditional villages,
  • Magnificent rice terraces,
  • Creeks
  • Bali tropical rain forest
  • Uphill and down hill
  • Fun to medium Muddy trails
  • Pure enduro single trails
  • Mini MX trails for Jumping and Sliding
  • River trails
  • Beaches trails or Waterfall tracks
  • Gravel trails
  • Dirt bike tour from fun to medium level of challenging trails. Adapted with your riding experience.

Tabanan Enduro Half Day Tours Inclusion:

  • Return air conditioning car transfer
  • Great condition of dirt bike and well maintained
  • Complete set of riding gear from head to toes, good quality
  • Professional rider guide
  • Refreshments,
  • Support equipment and preparation
  • Lunch
  • Guide fee
  • Sweeper fee
  • Photos and videos during the ride
  • Motorcycle and riding gear damage insurance.

What to bring:

  • Cash payment
  • Comfortable cloth
  • Extra cash IDR 75.000/rider for villages donation
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel

What to wear:

  • T-shirt
  • Short
  • Shoes or slipper


Tabanan Enduro Half Day

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