DOGGY PARTY TRAIL ADVENTURE - Explore eastern side of Buleleng/Singaraja Country side.

“One line Greetings” Sunday, April 12th 2015 is the first time off-road event which is held at east Buleleng organized by Bulldog Team Bali. Enjoy 90% virgin tracks, Long track start from the pebbly beach. Enter the part of bamboo forest, long up hills, river trails will guarantee dirt bike addict to get different 2 wheels sensation.

Who want to bring family can enjoy Northern beach and hidden waterfall while waiting for your lovely person to finish this adventures.

Presence all of off-roaders who want beautiful number can contact the number that have been listed on the picture!

This event will start and finish at LES BEACH VILLAGE East Buleleng!

Don’t have Enduro Motorcycle,,,,Bali Dirt Bike Adventures and Rental serve it for you!

One Line Greeting,
Top grace of Almighty God in order for the fund raising rural development, our fundraising committee Medewi village, District Pekutatan, Jembrana Regency will hold an event off-road "MATRIC" (Medewi ADVENTURE TRAIL COMMUNITY) later on:

Do not have a special dirt bike yet,,,? we reserve it for you!

More info please contact Bali Dirt Bike Adventures via email or phone!

Balinese off-roader club create an event at the end of November 2014. An exist club full fill in by local rider member to distribute their hobbies and not make illegal ride at private property. The event is fully support by Local member of Water Irrigation System at the village where they make the track. Also fully support by: Yamaha, Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI), Tabanan Police Department and PENAT Club.

Accelerate  GASS fatigue event on 30th of November at Penebel, Tabanan, Bali. They serve a combination of trails (extreme track, speed track, challenging up hill and down hill and mud trails). Guaranteed 100% virgin track!

Do not have a special dirt bike yet,,,? we reserve it for you!

More info please contact Bali Dirt Bike Adventures via email or phone!

PADAT Padangan Adventure Trail Gladly presents on 1st november 2015. Start and Finish at Padangan Village, Pupuan District Soccer field. Local trail club presents long riding track with beautiful scenery. Extreme uphill, extreme and long downhill, technical and Fun trails. Track character are dry, loose soil and rocky.

Offroader entire of Bali Island very expected to come and joining this event. Channeled your hobby with Medana punia to Padangan Dalem Temple. Half of Dirt Bike Event profits will be submitted to the local government for the construction of Padangan Dalem Temple.

Livened by Female DJs and sexy dancers (DJ PRO), Dangdut and Joged Bumbung after finishing our adventures.

DON’T MISS IT guys, International Dirt Bike Riders very welcoming as well to joining this event. Riding experience should be upper than “EXPERIENCE” and “PRO RIDER” this is one live opportunity to get real challenging ride while your vacation in Bali Island.

We serve you 2 bikes type: KLX 200 Boreup and KLX 250 for this event. KXF 250, Husqvarna, KTM, CRF will be not available for the event like this.

PADAT Event details:



PADAT Organizers and Bali Dirt Bike Adventures Team

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