Tabanan Beach Half Day Dirt Bike Tours
  • US$ 310/person or IDR 4,650,000/person minimum 2 people. Ride with Kawasaki KLX 180cc bore up
  • US$ 370/person or IDR 5,550,000/person minimum 2 people. Ride with Kawasaki KLX 250cc/KLX 230R/SE
  • US$ 550/person or IDR 8,250,000/person minimum 2 people. Ride with KTM 350cc EXCF Six Days or KTM 300cc EXC Two strokes or KTM 250 exc/excf
  • US$ 30 or IDR 450,000 extra for single rider

Multi day Bali Enduro Adventures at Best Selected riding trails

Multi Day Bali Enduro Adventures offer 2 Days to 5 days Enduro Tours at best selected dirt bike riding trails. Give riders the angles of riding experience in Paradise Island of Bali. Maddest trails, thick Tabanan rain forest, Tabanan technical trails with slippery mud. Kintamani Forest and Batur Volcano trails, sacred hidden temples and hilly terrain offered by our experienced rider guide. Our dirt bike models are very durable to challenge all type of riding track we're going to conquer.

Multiple riding programs pure of dirty days, fun and adrenaline challenging await you with our bali enduro riding packages. We are inmate with every terrain in Bali Island and we choose the trails for you with knowledge of expert rider. Our extreme enduro riding place is suit for advance and expert riders rewarded with amazing landscapes, various type of tracks, adrenaline and lots of fun. Every single day will consist of hotel pick up and drop off if you choose not to stay away from your family or friend. We're sure that you'll be waiting continuously to hit the trails we offered and get riding every time, as each day is more exciting than the last!

Bali Enduro Riding package inclusions:

  1. Range of Extreme enduro bikes (KLX 200 Bore Up, KLX 250cc, KLX 230R, KLX 230 SE, KTM 350 EXCF, KTM 300 EXC
  2. Bike fuel
  3. Extreme riding gear
  4. Free Extreme Bali Enduro T-shirt
  5. Hotel pick up and drop off
  6. Professional Tour Rider Guides
  7. Tasty Hot Lunch
  8. Beverages
  9. Selection Soft Drink
  10. Photos and videos
  11. Branded riding gear from head to toes
  12. Accommodation
  13. Dirt bike damage insurance.

Check out more details on sub webpage on this parent for each Bali enduro riding packages we offer at surrounding Bali Island.

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