Motobike Riding Advise for safest ride in Bali

Motorbike Riding Advise

Motorbike riding advise during your dirt bike rental program at Bali Island. Riding a motorcycle outside of your country will initially be very daunting, even for the most experienced riders. Learn more about motorcycle riding tips at every country you planned to visit.

Although the driving force in Bali can vary, the rules of the road which is almost the same as countries of the world. With a little focus and patience, riding a motorcycle in Bali will give you a freedom to travel and be a pleasant experience for you. Motorcycle track riding tips you can explore with experienced Bali Dirt Bike Adventures rider team.

Need to know for safest motorcycle riding in Bali

Driving License

Have an international driving license in your hand, will make all the things much easier for you on the highway around the island. Foreigner can also obtain a driving license in Bali Island which is valid for 1 month with the manufacturing process is very easy and cheap prices. You only need 1 hour to complete all the process with us with cost IDR 2,500,000 valid for 5 years. If you are driving in Bali without having a International License or Local license, you have to prepare some cash to pay a fine when police stop you on the road.


Average traffic in Bali - the average speed of 40-50 km/hour, it could be very slow and very often the vehicle stops suddenly and unexpected, we advice that you be patient and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Balinese ceremonies may slow down your trip, but do not honk the horn or trying to overtake - it is part of Balinese culture and life and can be a great way to explore the nature of Bali Island.


Cars will be sharing the road with motorcycle and no special lanes for Car or Motorcycle on the highway in Bali. Drive carefully through the intersection and when the turn direction use your indicator light to turn and keep your vehicle in safe distance position with others vehicles.


Road conditions in some areas on the island of Bali is often less than perfect. Riding a motorcycle at low speed on back road and other obstacles so we recommended. There are many pedestrian crossings, so beware of those who cross the street. Dogs, cows and other animals can walk to the highway so we suggest you to stay focus while you driving.


Parking in Bali is very simple - street parking is accepted almost everywhere. There will be signs indicating where parking is not allowed and parking fees for motorcycles average is IDR 1,000. Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and others tourist places have free parking service.


The most common problem is the investigation by police officers in Bali. By the time you get a stop, just show our vehicle documents that we been provide our renter and your International / local driving license. The best thing you can do is be polite and stay calm. Arguing will most likely get more problems for you as a tourist. If you do not wear a helmet or do not have an international driving license / local, fine are usually around IDR 1,000,000. The typical amount that will make you come out of it and you have to pay on the spot with an official fine ticket. Fine negotiation is something normal in Bali. Such as buying goods in the market. Remember,,,, that things are less structured here and try to implement your own driving knowledge and "common sense" for each scenario. There are signs and traffic lights to guide you on the way, so stay alert, drive on left side and always focus while riding a motorcycle in Bali.

Motorcycle Control Skills

Mastering braking techniques is crucial for safe riding. Use both front and rear brakes together to stop efficiently and maintain control.

Lean the bike towards the direction of the turn while looking through the corner. This helps maintain stability and control during turns.

Shifting Manual Transmission Motorcycle:
Practice shifting smoothly to avoid jerky movements. Upshift when accelerating and downshift when slowing down, matching engine speed with the gear.

Learn to swerve quickly to avoid obstacles. Shift your body weight and use handlebars to guide the bike in the desired direction.

Adjust Controls:
Ensure that your bike's controls are adjusted to fit your riding style and comfort. Properly set handlebar position, clutch, and brake lever reach contribute to better control.

Control Your Speed:
Understanding how to modulate your speed is key to safe riding. Adjust your speed based on road conditions, traffic, and visibility.

Mastering these basic motorcycle control skills enhances both safety and enjoyment on the road and off the road riding at Bali Island and beyond.

Bali Dirt Bike Adventures welcoming all of guest who want to learn to ride motorcycle in Bali at our private dirt bike trail. Our expert instructors will guide you through the riding school process, ensuring a fun and educational Bali Dirt Bike School in the beautiful landscapes of Paradise Island.

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