Bali Dirt Bike Rental Agreement Form

Before we lead over our motorcycles to the renters, there are a few things you need to fill in on the form of our rental agreement. Details renter, the state of our motorcycle for renters security and as a proof that you rent a vehicle from our company. We sincerely hope you carefully to see the state of our motorcycle to avoid things that can lead a debate when you return motorcycle to Bali Dirt Bike Rental Company.

Rental Agreement Form

Name : [renter name]
Copy Passport/No : [renter passport number]
Phone No : [renter phone number]
Hotel Name : [name of place the renter stay]
Permanent Address : [renter country address]
Motorbike Type : [KLX 150 S | KLX 150 L | KLX 250 | KLX 150 Super Moto]
Registration Number : [registration number of motorbike]
Delivery Place : [name of hotel/villa in Bali]
Delivery date/time : [mm/dd/yyyy] – [hh:mm]
Collect date/time : [mm/dd/yyyy] – [hh:mm]
Rental Rate : [IDR/USD/day]
Payment Currency : [IDR/USD]

Term and Conditions:
1. Rental rate inclusive of insurance , accident, damage, flat tire or thievery of motorbike and any part of motorbike will be customers own liability.
2. Excess US$ 100, in case any accident
2. The renter not allowed to lend our motorbike to another person.
3. Rental rate is for 3 days minimum charge, whenever the vehicle is not returned in duration of hours as from the time of vehicle start extra hours will applied. USD 2/hour.
4. Unlimited mill in Bali Island, If you are planning to travel around Indonesia, you can hiring motorbike in local area.
5. Non refundable for cancellation.
6. Non refundable for your leftover petrol.
7. 15% Deposit payment is required when you made online booking by Paypal or Bank Wire Transfer
8. We reserve the right to charge extra payment if our bikes returned in unsatisfactory conditions.

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