Bali Dirt Biking Course

Bali Dirt Bike Riding Course

Off-Road Motorcycle Riding Training Options and Prices

B-DB-A Training Center offers dirt bike training every day during the week in Bali Island. We operate at Bali Dirt Bike Adventures company circuit track , ideal location near to main tourist area of Kuta. All classes of coaching require reservations in advance to reserve a course program.

B-DB-A offers different off-road motorcycle training options:

1)  Level 1 (For beginners who have never ride a motorbike. )
2)  Level 2 (for current riders, street bikers, adventures rider)
3)  Level 3 (for advanced and above riders)
4)  Private Motorcycle Course (for any skill level)

1) Level 1: Basic Skills

B-DB-A Level 1: Basic Skills dirt bike rider training course is a 6-8 hours coaching, step-by-step introductory to what you need to know to start riding a motorbike properly. With patience and the best instruction, expert advice, dirt bikes and riding gear are available.

Our Level 1 students will learn how use the controls of the bike;

  • how to twist a throttle to accelerate and decelerate and use both brakes to stop which one first,
  • how to shift gears and use a manual clutch
  • how to move your bodies to help the bike
  • Read various terrain challenges, make tight turns, ride standing up, ride up and down roads, negotiate side hills, ride ruts, ride over obstacles and get unstuck from hill climbs, soft sand and more.

B-DB-A students will learn important mentality and visual habits, safety and environmental concerns, rider responsibility and etiquette and the importance of bike maintenance and a full set of good riding gear. With this fun beginner course, riders will gain control, confidence, learn what and how to practice and will fully prepare them for the next Level 2. Basic Skills class Level 1 courses are offered every day with minimum participant 2 peoples.

2) Level 2: Skills Builder
B-DB-A Level 2: Skills Builder off-road motorcycle rider training course is our most popular training course and designed to take your existing riding skills to the next level. If you are a coordinated adult beginner and already skilled at driving manual vehicles, riding quads or riding mountain bikes this is also the course for you.

This 6-7 hours course offers many challenging exercises conducted on a variety of terrain where students will learn and practice technical skills for improved performance in the dirt. While street bike riders will improve overall handling skills and boost their confidence for riding in both the street and dirt. Everyone will benefit from learning to select the best line to applying the right techniques for the best results.

With our expert motorcycle coaching you will build and memorize your skills with exercises like pro-active body positioning, advanced turning and braking techniques, climbing and descending difficult hills, maneuvering through ruts, sand, and over difficult obstacles, improving visual and mental habits, terrain reading, and much more.

This class establishes all the key techniques needed before taking a Level 3 course our most advanced dirt bike training level. Level 2 Bali Dirt Bike courses offered every week with minimum participant 2 peoples.

3) Level 3: Advanced Dirt Bike Training  For advanced and above dirt bike riders-learn to wheelie, jump, slide, etc.
B-DB-A Level 3: Advanced dirt bike rider training curriculum will help you develop your extreme terrain riding skills. If you are experiencing trouble mastering a skill, having difficulty riding tough single track trails, or getting poor race results. Bali Dirt Bike Rider expert instructors will help you learn and practice the more technical skills you need to improve your performance.

Practice all day on a variety of challenging terrain that includes technical single-track trails, a flat-track and a motocross track. In this course our training exercises include how to wheelie, jump, and slide, and you will also have the opportunity to try a late model trials bike. This course is a great tune-up for an upcoming race or big ride. Level 3 courses offered every week with minimum participant 2 peoples.

4) Private Course:  For anyone seeking one-on-one coaching for the best possible training experience   
With B-DB-A Private Coaching you will get the full and undivided attention from one of our well qualified instructors as we focus together on exactly what you need to take your riding to the next level. This option is available for all ages and skill levels. Contact us to reserve your private coaching session. Just extra IDR 250,000 comparing to group course.

NOTE: If you join us for off-road/dirt bike rider training and want to try a Powerful bike… let us know and we will bring out one for you to try briefly.

Course Rate/Person:
3 hours ride
  • IDR 1,150,000 ride with KLX 150cc. Bike for beginner rider with heigh maximum 175cm and weight maximum 75kg
  • IDR 1,300,000 ride with KLX 200cc. Bike for beginner to medium experienced rider with height 175cm above and weight less than 100kg.
  • IDR 1,700,000 ride with KLX 230cc/KLX 250cc.
5 hours ride
  • IDR 1,750,000 ride with KLX 150cc. Bike for beginner rider with heigh maximum 175cm and weight maximum 75kg
  • IDR 1,900,000 ride with KLX 200cc. Bike for beginner to medium experienced rider with height 175cm above and weight less than 100kg.
  • IDR 2,300,000 ride with KLX 230cc/KLX 250cc.

- Course available every days, to guarantee your booking please make your booking confirmation earlier.
- Pickup time: 07:30 to 09:00 depending on your hotel stay.
- Tours duration: 6 hours for half day ride and 9 hours for full day ride.
- Ride with latest edition of Kawasaki KLX 150cc or KLX 200cc.
- Same rate either for level 1, 2, 3.
- Payment method: Cash by USD or IDR on tour date or CC.

Riding course inclusions:
- Latest edition of Kawasaki KLX 150, KLX 200cc bore up, KLX 230cc and KLX 250cc.
- Complete set of riding gear from head to toes,
- Professional instructor and rider guide
- Appropriate curriculum and refreshments,
- Support equipment and preparation
- Return Air-conditioning hotel transfer
- Lunch
- Guide fee
- Sweeper fee
- Motorcycle damage insurance 

Please let us know required details to confirming your booking:

1. Hotel/Villa pick-up name with address details
2. Your Body Height and weight
3. Helmet, clothing, pant and boots size. Other riding gear plenty in stock
4. Chosen course duration
5. Chosen bike to ride
6. Citizen

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Additional Important Training Information:

Training is available almost every day of the week, but we require reservations in advance. What are you waiting for?